Ultimate UNICORN Tech - Craft Kits

Created by Natasha from TechnoChic

This is the Ultimate Unicorn Tech Craft Kit! Learn 4 ways to add lights to your crafts by making a Light-Up Unicorn Headband, Magic Wand, Twinkling Tutu, and Light-Up trick-or-treat bag. Ships in time for Halloween!

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BIG UPDATE! The home stretch... sequin waistband (pun intended)
9 months ago – Tue, Aug 14, 2018 at 07:24:30 PM

Hey Backers!

Thanks again for your support! Here's what we're up to this week:

We’re hard at work refining prototypes:

We’ve been making sure each part of our kit works well, so that you can have THE BEST experience while becoming a unicorn. The geometry of all our paper forms are being optimized, we’re testing different brands of tape, sewing battery packs to things, and… jumping rope with strings of LEDs? We’re HARD at work making this kit the best unicorn crafting experience ever!


 We got some samples in, and knew just what to do! Take a look:


We’ve been getting some fantastic press!


We want your input :) 

We have been prototyping with tiny paper roses, but recently discovered they come in more sizes and colors! If you want to share your opinion about what flowers come in your kit, go to the 2-question survey: HERE



We're so happy to have had all this support! But we're coming close to our goal with little time left to get there. Sharing will help us make it to the goal (and we need every penny of this money to put this into production!)

Here are sample messages that you can tweet, post, or (even better!) message directly to the unicorn-lovers in your life: 

Twitter: The Ultimate Unicorn Craft Kit from @TechnoChicShop is giving kids (big & small ) a reason to love working with electronics. Learn simple circuits & create your own light-up unicorn costume: back the campaign on Kickstarter today! Only 1 week left! bit.ly/UltimateUnicorn #ultimateunicorn 

Facebook: I am so excited about this kit! The Ultimate Unicorn Craft Kit lets kids (and adults with magical inclinations) build and decorate their own light-up unicorn headband and accessories. It’s a sparkly introduction to circuits and DIY electronics that I think you’ll really like. It’s only live on Kickstarter for 1 more week, so check it out: bit.ly/UltimateUnicorn 

Instagram: The Ultimate Unicorn Craft Kit lets you make your own light-up UNICORN headband, wand, tutu, and tote bag! Want to make one? It’s on Kickstarter for 1 more week! Check it out: Link in bio of @TechnoChic #ultimateunicorn #unicorncraftkit #technochic

Include a pic: 

Thank you!!

Check out our Friends:

Along our Ultimate Unicorn Kickstarter journey, we’ve been encountering some really cool people who have Kickstarted awesome projects. Here are a few of them:

The Magical Musical Thingy-Majigger reintroduces traditional, hands-on sensory activities and creates an opportunity for them to be more imaginative and inventive. To find out more CLICK HERE.

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The home stretch... 

Thanks so much for your support! We will be in touch soon - hopefully at the finish line!


Natasha & Casey

What a week - thanks for your support!
10 months ago – Tue, Aug 07, 2018 at 07:01:42 PM

Hey Backers - 

The Ultimate Unicorn Craft Kit campaign has been live for a whole week and I'm SO thankful for your support! We've had some really great accomplishments this week:

  • We're a Kickstarter "Project We Love!"
  • We're almost 100 backers strong!
  • We're almost 50% funded!
  • We got a GREAT post in YAYOMG, the popular tween site. (Check it out!)

You made this happen - Thank you for your amazing support. :)

To keep the momentum going, would you please share this campaign with someone who may like it? You could say (copy/paste):

My friend Natasha made a project that I think you would like - it's a craft kit that makes a Light-Up UNICORN Costume! Check out the link: bit.ly/UltimateUnicorn

Or Tweet @yourfriends/colleagues/influencers:


The Ultimate Unicorn Craft Kit is giving girls a reason to love working with electronics. To create your own light-up unicorn costume, back the campaign on Kickstarter today! bit.ly/UltimateUnicorn #ultimateunicorn #unicorncraftkit #technochic


Light up your crafting game: learn DIY electronics with this unicorn craft kit: bit.ly/UltimateUnicorn #unicorn #maker #girlsinstem #crafts #makingit





Thank you for all the Unicorn Love!
10 months ago – Fri, Aug 03, 2018 at 05:55:34 AM

Hi Backers, 

Thanks so much for your early support of my project! We are a few days in and have just reached 30%, which has me super pumped! 

I'm working on a plan to take this project all the way to the goal. :) Do you know/follow any blogs that will like this? Would you please suggest them to me so I can share with them? Thank you!

The early bird rewards are half gone. :) Please tell your friends and followers that this is a great time to support the project! Here's what you could say -please share it!


Check out "The Ultimate Unicorn Craft Kit" on Kickstarter - you'll make a unicorn costume that lights up! Back the campaign now to get early bird discounts, and so you can have it for Halloween. bit.ly/UltimateUnicorn


Thank you!

<3 Natasha